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Who we are?

YRS is a self-reliant testing organization conducts tests and appraisal for admissions, scholarships, recruitment and promotion purposes.

YRS is now playing a crucial role in upgrading merit and quality education at college and university level. Following its core values, YRS always fight vigorously for calibre and ensures quality, coherence, reliability, precision and most crucially integrity of entire system in a pellucid manner under strict security arrangements. YRS tests and assessments are now pre-requisite of many prime public and private sector engineering, medical, colleges, universities and institutions for admission and YRS also conducts assessment tests for recruitment in public & private organizations.

VISION:“To become an internationally recognized testing and assessment organization facilitating in producing educated and market competitive human resource and spent the share of earnings to give scholarships to Pakistani nations to make professional education easy and reliable.”

MISSION: “Earn through different objectives and give jobs and scholarships to Pakistan’s Youth.


  1. To direct productive, straightforward and worldwide gauges tests so as to evaluate the competency of possibility for affirmation, grant and enlistment purposes;
  2. To embrace examine on instructive, expert and testing frameworks to distinguish the common scholastic and operational holes in the frameworks;


Following its core value, YRS always strives for excellence in all its endeavors to improve systems and procedures and issues that attribute to the traditional testing services. For the purpose YRS believes in the following values.

Regard: Believe in common regard – confirm pride, potential and commitment of partner’s members, accomplices and staff.

Trustworthiness: Act reliably with YRS mission, being straightforward and straightforward in what we do and say, and acknowledge duty regarding our individual and aggregate activities.

Commitment: Work together effectively to serve the larger society.

Excellence: Constantly challenge ourselves to the highest levels of learning and performance, to achieve greater impact.

YRS Standards:

  • Transparency
  • Merit
  • Fairness
  • Reliability


  • International Standards Testing
  • Quality Management
  • Zero Tolerance: YRS follows a ZERO tolerance policy in administering tests and assessments – thereby facilitates standardized selection and authentic measurement of test takers knowledge and skills.